Navigating the Autism Jungle

I spent most of my week working with families who needed an assessment to determine if their child has autism or some other developmental disability.  Having two children with autism myself, I have been in their shoes.  The worry.  The confusion.  Dealing with parents of “normal” kids.  It is painful and feels very isolating.  No one gives you a road map when your kid is three years old and still not talking or making eye contact.  Parents usually just stumble on my services.

This has to change.

Autism and developmental disabilities are not going away.  Quite the opposite.  The numbers are exploding.  As a nation, we are a superpower in so many other areas but when it comes to something like making sure our children get the right services, we are severely lacking.   I can’t tell you how many times I have assessed a young adult with autism or another developmental disability like an intellectual disability and the parents will say, “Why didn’t the school, doctor, anyone tell us about something?”

In my next several blogs, I am going to help shed some light on what families can do to get the help that is needed.  Stay tuned.